How Do I Cancel My Pet's Policy?

Embrace’s cancellation policy and how to cancel.

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What Should I Know Before Cancelling My Pet's Policy?

  • Waiting periods are reset & policies are subject to new underwriting if you cancel & purchase a new policy later

  • Pre-existing conditions follow your pet from policy to policy

    • If you cancel today & sign up again later (whether with Embrace or another company), conditions your pet has been treated for or diagnosed with are considered pre-existing & may not be covered

How Do I Reduce My Coverage Instead of Cancelling?

  • If you’d rather reduce your premium than cancel

    • Log into your MyEmbrace customer account

    • Then, visit the Change Coverage section to adjust your policy to better fit your budget

Will I Get a Refund If I Cancel?

  • If you cancel within 30 days of your policy start date & have not submitted any claims, you will receive a full refund

  • If you cancel after 30 days of the start of your policy, or if you have submitted claims in the first 30 days, you may be eligible for a pro-rated refund

    • Pro-rated refunds are calculated from the day after you cancel to the end of the current billing cycle

Still Want to Cancel?

We hate to see you go, but we'll always honor your request to cancel your policy.

You can email us your cancellation request or notify us that you would like to cancel by phone at (800) 511-9172

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