Your First Claim: What to Expect

What’s needed, how you’ll be notified, and what you can expect.

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What's Required for Your First Claim

Itemized Invoice

  • The itemized invoice must include the total amount for your pet’s visit, including discounts, taxes, other pets, etc. This is usually given to you after you pay. Please make sure to include all pages of the invoice 

Diagnosis or Reason for Visit

  • This is the reason that your pet was seen by the vet (i.e. vomiting, diarrhea, scratching ear, allergies, limping, etc.)

Note: If you submit claims outside of MyEmbrace online or in the Embrace Pet Insurance app, make sure to include the claim form(s) and all pages of the complete invoice.

Medical Records

  • Your first accident or illness claim can take longer to process because our team is going through your pet’s records for the first time unless a medical history review was done previously

How Long Do First Claims Take to Process?

First claims for accidents and illnesses can take up to 30 business days to process.

Claims for Wellness Rewards are typically processed in 5 business days or less as long as we receive all necessary information.

How You Receive Claims Notifications

Email – You'll receive an email when your claim status changes.

  • Claims & documents are typically confirmed by email within 2 business days of receipt

  • If you don't receive a confirmation email within 4 business days of your submission, we may not have received it. Please contact us to verify or you may send them again

MyEmbrace – You can track your claim status online at any time by logging in online or on the Embrace Pet Insurance mobile app.

Note: If your vet’s office faxes or emails information to us, it can take up to two business days for the status of your claim to be updated in MyEmbrace.

If you have questions about submitting your first claim, contact us.

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