We’re here for you and your pet through every stage of their life. Pets are a lifelong commitment, and we want to be there too.

Lifelong Coverage

Once your pet is enrolled, coverage is locked in for life. Pets who are eligible for accident and illness coverage at enrollment keep that full coverage as long as they remain insured with us. We will not drop your pet's coverage at a certain age, nor will we change it – any policy changes are up to you.

Annual Maximum

At enrollment, you pick your pet’s annual maximum amount. This is the most you can be reimbursed for covered accidents and illnesses each policy year. The annual maximum renews each year – and there is no lifetime maximum amount.

Age-specific Eligibility

Dogs and cats aged 14 years and younger at enrollment are eligible for full accident and illness coverage.

Dogs and cats 14 years of age and older are eligible for an accident-only policy.

If you have any questions about coverage, contact us.

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