Why Premiums Change

  • Pet’s Age – pets tend to need more frequent and costly veterinary care as they age

  • Location – pet parents in areas where veterinary care costs are higher can expect insurance premium increases

  • Trends in Pet Population – certain breeds are more prone to specific conditions and can see premium changes to properly reflect the shared risk

  • Base Rate – this is state-specific, and all premiums in your state increase by the same percentage based on risk assessment by our underwriters

  • Discounts – discounts are reviewed by your state and Embrace every year. If a discount is not approved in your state, we're no longer able to offer it, which would cause your premium to increase at renewal

When Policy Premiums Change

Note: Premiums never increase because you submit claims.

How You'll Be Notified

If your premium changes for any reason, you will be notified via email.

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