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What Is the Process for Renewing an Embrace Policy?
What Is the Process for Renewing an Embrace Policy?

Policies renew automatically so your pets are covered as long as your premium is paid.

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When Your Policy Renews

Your policy renews each year on the anniversary of the policy start date.

For example: A policy that began on November 5, 2018 will renew every November 5 unless you cancel or non-renew.

How to Renew

Your policy renews automatically. Just make sure to keep your billing information up to date so there is no lapse in coverage.  

How You Are Notified of Renewal

Two to four weeks before your policy renews you will receive the following via e-mail:

On the day that your policy renews you will receive via e-mail:

  • A new and revised Certificate of Insurance

  • A copy of the Embrace terms & conditions for your renewal policy

  • A new pre-filled Embrace Claim Form

How Renewal Affects Your Coverage

At renewal, your policy annual maximum and deductible reset, which means your annual maximum starts fresh and your annual deductible applies once again.

Note: You have 60 days from the renewal date to submit claims from the prior term.

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