Common Questions from Vets

What is a complete invoice?

A complete invoice includes all pages of itemized expenses (including blank pages) that shows taxes, discounts, balances, etc. for all pets seen for that date(s) of service.

Note: We cannot process claims with an account statement/summary. An itemized invoice is required.

How do I submit claims to Embrace?

Claims can be emailed to or faxed to (800) 238-1042. The claim form(s) & invoice must be sent as attachments no larger than 5MB. This is an unmonitored email address – we’re unable to respond to messages & questions sent here. 

For questions regarding current claims, please email  

What medical records does Embrace need?

If you receive a fax, email, or call from us for records, we are looking for detailed chart notes (S.O.A.P notes) for any dates the pet(s) was seen at your practice in the timeframe stated in the request. 

Click here for an example of what we need.

Become a Preferred Hospital

Pet insurance is good for your clients and for your practice.

Becoming a Preferred Hospital offers you the following benefits:

  • Social Media Mentions – Embrace has a strong presence on social media & interacts with thousands of users every day. Preferred Hospitals receive special mentions & links throughout our various social media outlets

  • Reliable Pet Content – Looking for informative, educational pet content to share on your website & social media profiles? You'll have access to:
    - The Water Bowl – Embrace's Pet Community & Health Center
    - The Embraced Practice – Embrace's blog exclusively for veterinary professionals

  • Custom Programs & Events Sponsorship – Embrace is proud to sponsor various community & charity events for our Preferred Hospitals. We'll work with you to help make your event a success

Order Free Materials

Request free pet insurance brochures, fliers, and more. We’ll ship them right to your clinic. Visit our vet partner page to order materials now or request a login to get started.

Pet Insurance for Your Staff

We can help keep your practice tax compliant and reduce employee accounts receivable. Learn more about staff benefits.

Why Your Practice Should Promote Pet Insurance

Clients with pet insurance spend more, are more compliant, and enable you to practice the best medicine because they focus on the quality of care instead of cost.

  • Cat owners with pet insurance spend 81% more at the vet (& 29% more on dogs) (NAPHIA)

  • 1 in 3 pets claim in their first policy year (2019 Embrace claims data)

  • Americans spent $95.7 billion on pet care in 2019 (APPA)

  • 60% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings account (Bankrate’s Financial Security Index 2019)

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If you have questions about becoming a Preferred Hospital or questions about requested information, contact us.

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