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What Is the Process for Wellness Back-payment?
What Is the Process for Wellness Back-payment?

Wellness Rewards is a non-insurance benefit that requires back-payments to add or increase the allowance mid-policy year.

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What is a Back-payment?

Back-payments are required when increasing or adding Wellness Rewards mid-policy term because Wellness Rewards is designed to match the 12-month billing period of your accident and illness insurance payments. The back-payments catch your plan up from the beginning of your policy term to the date of Wellness Rewards addition or increase.

How Back-payments are Calculated

Adding Wellness Rewards mid-policy year requires a one-time back-payment to activate it.

For example:

  • Your policy year begins on 7/15/2020

  • You add Wellness Rewards to your pet's policy on 11/16/2020

  • 5 months of back-payments are required to catch up the Wellness Rewards plan













When is Wellness Rewards Active After Back-payment?

If you add Wellness Rewards mid-term, the allowance is retroactive to the beginning of the current policy year.

For pets who were added mid-term, Wellness Rewards is retroactive to the date your pet was added to your policy in the current term.

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