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How Do I Update Billing Information and Claim Reimbursement Methods?
How Do I Update Billing Information and Claim Reimbursement Methods?

How to update your payment and reimbursement settings.

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If your payment method (credit/debit card or checking account) information changes for any reason, you must update it before your billing cycle in order for Embrace to collect your premium.

Updating Via MyEmbrace

1. Log in to your MyEmbrace customer account and select My Payment Settings from the Quick Links menu

2. Make your updates in the My Payment Settings page in the following sections:

A. Select Update next to My Payment Method

  • For a new credit or debit card, you need:
    - Full Card Number
    - Expiration Date
    - CVV

  • For a new checking or savings account, you need:
    - Full Routing Number
    - Full Account Number

B. Select Update next to Direct Deposit for Claims Reimbursement

  • Don't forget to update your checking account here too if you've already enrolled in direct deposit! It is not automatically updated when you change it in billing

  • Not enrolled in direct deposit? It's the fastest way to be reimbursed at claim time – funds are usually available in 1-2 business days

  • To enroll you'll need:
    - Account Type (Checking or Savings)
    - Full Routing Number
    - Full Account Number

  • If you prefer a check in the mail for claim reimbursements, select check. Claim checks are sent via USPS and usually arrive in 5-7 business days (the post office has asked that we allow up to 10 business days).

Note: Make sure your address is current if you receive claim reimbursement payments by check.

Switching Your Payment Type

If you would like to switch your payment method from your credit/debit card to your bank account, contact us.

Updating Your Payment Due Date

Once your policy has begun, we cannot change the billing date for any reason because of the waiting periods and underwriting.

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