How Do I Update My Address in the System?

How to update your address through your MyEmbrace customer account.

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Updating Your Address Via MyEmbrace

1. Log in to MyEmbrace and select My Address & Profile from the Quick Links menu

2. Select Update next to My Address

3. Fill in your address and select Save Changes

Your Address May Not Validate If:

  • Your home or complex is a new build

  • Current coverage is not available if you have moved across state lines

Address Change May Cause Premium Changes

  • Your premium is partially based on your location due to veterinary cost fluctuation

Please contact us if your address won’t validate, or if you have questions about coverage and premium options available at your new address.

Make sure your address is current so you don't miss out on important policy updates. Your address affects certain policy parameters, including:

  • Premium – like car insurance, your location influences the cost of pet insurance

  • Available insurance coverage – certain coverage options aren’t available in all states

  • Wellness Rewards availability – Wellness Rewards isn’t available in some states

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