How Can I Add or Remove a Pet Via MyEmbrace?

How to add or remove pets in your MyEmbrace customer account.

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Removing a Pet Via MyEmbrace

Pets cannot be removed via MyEmbrace at this time. Please contact us for more information.

Adding a Pet Via MyEmbrace

Your pet must be in your care to add them to your policy.

1. Log in to MyEmbrace and select Add New Pet under My Pets on your home page

2. Complete the required fields with your pet's information including:

  • Name

  • Sex

  • Spay/Neuter Status (if your pet isn't spayed/neutered, please indicate No – we can update that later)

  • Species

  • Breed

  • Age

Pro Tip: Be sure to enter details correctly to ensure you get an accurate quote.

Select Continue to Quote

If you are adding a pet within your renewal period, you will be given the option to add your pet at renewal or as of the current date.

  • If you add a pet using the current date, the quoted rate is subject to change at renewal

  • If you add your pet at renewal, waiting periods will not start until the renewal date

  • Annual Maximum

  • Annual Deductible

  • Reimbursement Percentage

Your existing pets’ coverage is shown under Pet Details, as well as the quote for your new pet with the updated premium estimate for all pets on the policy and the amount due at the time of addition.

Note: Even for new pets, adding or increasing Wellness Rewards requires a one-time back-payment for all months to the start of your current policy period. Because Wellness Rewards is a non-insurance benefit, it is not prorated.

Select Review Plan

4. Review your pet's coverage and start dates

You may add more pets if applicable by selecting Add New Pet and repeating steps 3-6

Note: Your pet’s waiting periods cannot end if they have not had a full physical exam by a veterinarian in the 12 months before the start of coverage or since you brought them home if they are a puppy, kitten, or newly adopted pet. If they haven't, your pet must have a physical exam by a licensed veterinarian within 14-days of their addition for coverage to begin.

When you are finished adding pets, select Next

5. The Finalize Coverage Changes page is very important. Confirm the information is correct and acknowledge the changes by checking the box stating I Understand My Coverage and New Policy Payment Totals

Select Finalize Changes

You will receive an email with your most up-to-date policy documents

Reasons You're Unable to Add a Pet Via MyEmbrace

  • A change has been made to your policy within the last 24 hours

  • A change has been made since your renewal was created

  • You are within 5 days of your renewal date

If you would like to close your pet's account or you are unable to add a pet online, contact us.

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