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What Waiting Periods Does Embrace Have?
What Waiting Periods Does Embrace Have?

Waiting periods exist to prevent fraud. Learn what they mean for your policy and where to find them in your MyEmbrace customer account.

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What are Waiting Periods?

Waiting periods are short periods of time at the beginning of an insurance policy when coverage is restricted.

If your pet becomes sick or injured during the waiting periods, conditions they showed symptoms of or were diagnosed with are considered pre-existing.

Embrace's Waiting Periods

The start & end dates for your pal's waiting periods are listed in MyEmbrace. Embrace's waiting periods are:

- Illness: 14 days from policy effective date
- Orthopedic: varies by state, check for your state's specified waiting period here

(Orthopedic waiting periods pertain only to dogs)

Where to Find Waiting Period Information in MyEmbrace

1. Log in to your MyEmbrace customer account and select Pet Claims + Info under the desired pet

2. Scroll to find Waiting Period End Dates

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