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What Is a Medical History Review, and How Would I Request One?
What Is a Medical History Review, and How Would I Request One?

How to request a medical history review to better understand your pet's coverage.

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What is a Medical History Review?

A medical history review is a detailed assessment of your pet’s medical records performed by an Embrace claims adjuster. This tells you if your pet has any conditions that would be considered pre-existing and for how long.

Requirements to Perform a Medical History Review

  • Your pet’s veterinary records from 12 months prior to the start date of your policy through the end of the illness waiting period

  • For puppies, kittens, or newly adopted pets, we require records from the time they entered your care if it’s less than 12 months

  • Veterinary records include all detailed chart notes, SOAP notes, exam notes, & lab results

  • Invoices & medical history summaries are NOT sufficient to process a medical history review

Note: Medical records are requested at the end of your pet’s 14-day illness waiting period. The review does not begin until our adjusters have all records.

When to Request a Medical History Review

A medical history review can be requested any time after the purchase of a policy by emailing your request to

Appealing a Medical History Review

If you believe that our assessment of your pet’s veterinary records is incorrect, you can appeal. To appeal your assessment, respond to the medical history review email and the claims adjuster will provide additional information.

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