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Does Embrace Cover Euthanasia or End-of-Life Care?
Does Embrace Cover Euthanasia or End-of-Life Care?

Embrace is here to support you at every step when it comes to making difficult decisions for your pet.

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We understand the tough decisions involved with managing your pet's illness or when it's time for them to cross the rainbow bridge, and we’re here to support you.

Coverage for End of Life Care

Euthanasia is eligible for coverage under our accident and illness insurance as long as the condition it is recommended for is covered and when it's recommended for humane reasons (if it is not related to a pre-existing condition).

Pet Memorials and More

Though not covered by our Accident and Illness plan, our optional Wellness Rewards plan reimburses for memorial items and costs, including:

  • Cremation or burial fees

  • Keepsake items (i.e., pawprints, urns, etc.)

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