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How do I Submit a Claim?

Step-by-step instructions on how to submit claims.

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Submitting claims through your MyEmbrace customer account online or in the Embrace Pet Insurance app is the fastest way – plus, it doesn’t require a claim form! If you submit by email, fax, or mail, a claim form is required.

What Types of Claims Can be Submitted Through MyEmbrace or the App

All types of claims—Accident, Illness, or Wellness (if you have Wellness Rewards)—can be submitted via the same method quickly and easily through MyEmbrace or the Embrace mobile app. Both options will walk you through the claim submission step-by-step.

What is Needed to Submit a Claim

An Itemized Invoice

  • The itemized invoice must include the total amount for your pet’s visit including discounts, taxes, other pets, etc.

  • Make sure to include all pages of the invoice

Diagnosis or Reason for Visit

  • This is the reason that your pet was seen by the vet (i.e. vomiting, diarrhea, scratching ear, allergies, limping, etc.) or your Wellness purchase (grooming, preventatives, wellness/routine care visit, etc.)

How to Submit Claims Via MyEmbrace

1. Log in to MyEmbrace and select Submit a Claim from the Quick Links menu

2. Provide requested information about the claim including:

  • Where the Invoice is From

    • Use the Zip Code of the vet practice stated on the invoice

    • You can choose pharmacies or websites if applicable

  • Invoice Date & Duration

    • Select Single Date if your pet was seen for an outpatient visit or Multi-day Hospital Stay if your pet had an overnight visit

    • The invoice date is the date that the services were rendered (purchase date, hospital visit, etc.)

  • Total Invoice Amount

    • Include taxes, discounts, fees, items for other pets, etc. even if you are not claiming for those expenses

Select Next

3. Select the files to upload including your pet’s itemized invoice

  • Upload only one invoice per claim submission

  • Include ALL pages of the invoice (even if they are blank)

  • File Limitations: Files must be 50MB or less. Accepted formats are PDF, PNG, or JPEG.

Select Next - Review Invoice

4. Confirm the invoice upload is legible and complete. Select Next – Select Pets

5. Select the insured pets who are on the invoice that you are claiming for. Select Next – Add Pet Diagnosis

6. Add diagnosis and additional claim details

  • Type or select the diagnosis, symptoms, or reason for visit in the Diagnosis or Reason for Visit search box (you can also select Wellness purchases)

  • The drop-down menu shows previous diagnoses for your pet (if applicable) & the most common diagnoses

  • If you don’t see your pet’s diagnosis or you would like to provide additional details, enter it in the Additional Details box

  • If have more than one pet on the invoice, select Next Pet & repeat step 6 to add their diagnosis details

Select Next – Review & Submit to continue

7. Review information on Confirm Claim Details page. Select Edit Details, Edit Docs, or Edit Pets if details are missing or incorrect. If no edits need to be made, select Submit Claim

Your claim has been successfully submitted and you should receive email confirmation within two business days.

From here, you can submit another claim by selecting Start Another Claim or return to MyEmbrace Home

Other Ways to Submit Claims

If you submit claims outside of MyEmbrace online or in the Embrace Pet Insurance app, make sure to include the claim form(s) and all pages of the complete invoice.


The claim form(s) & invoice must be sent as attachments no larger than 5MB. This is an unmonitored email address – we’re unable to respond to messages & questions sent here.


(800) 238-1042


Embrace Pet Insurance

PO Box 22188

Beachwood, OH 44122-0188

Note: When you submit claims outside of MyEmbrace, a claim form for each pet that you are claiming is required.

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