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What Is Pre-certification, and How Do I Submit It?
What Is Pre-certification, and How Do I Submit It?

How to submit a pre-certification via your MyEmbrace customer account.

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What is Pre-certification?

Pre-certification is a review of an itemized estimate for a treatment or procedure so that you know what is or is not covered before the procedure is done.

Requirements for Pre-certification

Itemized Estimate

  • The estimate must be itemized. Grouped charges (e.g. “Dental Package”) can limit the guarantee of coverage

Pre-certification Form

  • Pre-certification forms can be found in MyEmbrace by selecting Claim Forms & Documents in the Quick Links menu

  • Complete form including the diagnosis or reason for treatment

Visit Notes, Chart Notes, Relevant Medical Records Related to Treatment (optional but encouraged)

Note: You or your vet's office can complete the pre-certification form.

How to Submit Pre-certifications Via MyEmbrace

1. Log in to MyEmbrace and select Send Documents from the Quick Links menu

2. Choose Select Files to Upload

  • You can choose multiple files at once

  • Accepted file types: PDF, JPG, TIF, PNG

  • Size limit for each document submitted is 50MB

3. Select Submit when your documents show under the List of Files to Upload. You will receive an email confirmation within 2 business days

Other Ways to Submit Pre-certifications


The pre-certification form(s) & itemized estimate must be sent as attachments no larger than 5MB. This is an unmonitored email address – we’re unable to respond to messages & questions sent here.


(800) 238-1042


Embrace Pet Insurance

PO Box 22188

Beachwood, OH 44122-0188

How Long Do Pre-certifications Take to Process

We typically complete pre-certifications within five business days or less.

Note: If this pre-certification is in support of your pet's first claim, we will also need the detailed chart notes for your pet from the 12 months prior to the policy start date. We need medical history from every veterinarian your pet has been to over this time period, even for wellness visits. We’ll let you know via email if additional information is needed.

Is Pre-certification Required?

No, Embrace never requires pre-certification to process your claims.

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